Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Color

I am hesitant to call this a "color trend" post. I don't do trends. Rather than focus on a trend that may go out of style or be done by everyone else, just focus on timeless but unique, individual design. That being said, here are some color trends that are my personal favorite. These colors are timeless and unique, but "so hot right now" (that is my favorite line. I use it sarcastically all the time, inspired from the following movie clip from Zoolander.) I never thought I would post a Zoolander clip on here, but it is quite applicable.

I love coral tones. IT'S SO HOT RIGHT NOW! The male in me is drawn to tones that lean more toward the orange side rather than pink or salmon, but either way I love it. A little goes a long way. I love the accent in the back of the bookcase, and having items displayed in front of the color tones it down a bit in a good way.
With any accent color, don't go overboard (like the above). Just a hint is usually enough. In most cases if you want an accent color, DON'T paint it on the wall. Sometimes that is not the case, but it usually is.
Here's my color on a wall, but done the right way. The headboard and panel screens are the focal point. The color adds to it, but does not overpower the space. This shade of coral can be tough to get right. There is a fine line between a coral orange, and a Home Depot or Nickelodeon orange.
I love this; using the color on only the light fixture. It is such a small use of the color, but is the first thing that you notice. Perfect.
OK, so I went on a coral spree, but here is another favorite of mine. I love blue tones, but feel that turquoise is a bit played out (It's so hot right now). Here is a variation of a turquoise that I love. It has a bit of gray to it which gives it a more mature and historic look in my opinion.
Look for opportunities to use those bright colors you like, but use restraint in most cases. Whatever you do, don't go for a color theme when bringing in the color. A bit here and there...but no themes.

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