Thursday, April 5, 2012


Just a little rant to hopefully get something out of my system. Like many designers that I know, more often than not I find myself getting fixated on a concept or product, and the only cure is to build it or buy it. Lately I have been into vintage globes, but specifically two types. Most vintage or antique globes are not that "design savvy", or will only look best in a traditional setting.

I have been searching for the perfect "lunar globe" for some time. I love the monochromatic tones these have, and the fact that they are unique and not everyone has one. Most that are easy to find are a smaller 6" size, or a cardboard material. The larger size, in a metal or aluminum material are tough to find (at a good price). You can find these on Ebay, Etsy, and some other online stores. Even more desirable is one from the "pre moon landing" era...a cool concept if you think about it.

Denoyer Geppert is an older company that specialized in making educational visual products for the sciences. I have always loved this particular style of globe that was made by Denoyer. This is a vintage military aviation globe. These were used in WWII for the Air Force to map out flight plans (globe has a chalkboard material finish). They are large, metal and heavy, and I have to have one. I have had a hard time locating one in the material and look that I want, that is not sold.
For any Orange County locals, you can pick up this exact globe at Juxtaposition Home in Newport Beach. It is a great piece but will set you back $2,400

So that leads me to this. Same concept as above, a chalkboard finish on a vintage pull down map. I love the black, blue and yellow. It totally has an edgy, vintage graphic vibe that you just can't find anywhere else. I am not exactly sure where I would use this on a project, but I love it. I was eyeballing this on Ebay last month for about $300. I did not buy it, but now that it is sold I am sooo upset. It was in great condition, with the roll up mechanism in tact.
This is the only other one that I can find online. It unfortunately has a large ripped piece missing on the right side and some other blemishes. I am on the prowl for another, and will hopefully have one hanging in my studio soon!


  1. I too went through a vintage globe trend, I love them and am glad you posted about this. Seriously Juxtaposition Home? $2400?

    PS I want to see the map up when you find a non ripped one.

    PPS My latest thing is star maps. In fact, I think I'll go on ebay right now and buy some.

  2. Brittany yes, seriously? Some people appreciate a great, vintage, collectors item. Others like West Elm. The best part is serious collectors love Juxtaposition Home..."Seriously"

  3. I have a geppert globe just the same as in the photo. I'll
    sell it to you for $2000 Mine is "cleaner" Lawnchair