Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project Preview: Chex it out

Alright, I know that an office design project would probably only interest you if either you own a business, or are a designer. There are very few of us that pay money for a magazine to look at, and study images of workspaces. Working on a commercial space can be a complete 180 from what is typically my bread-and-butter; residential design. The focus is to bring in visual interest, but scale WAY back on "things" to keep it simple and open. Here is a office design project I just installed in Orange where it is still 100% office, with a bit of a cozy residential touch. I typically don't work on rush deadlines, but was able to wrap up all design planning in a week on this (don't hold me to that for your own project)

Here I added a wallcovering from "Innovations" I have been eyeballing for a while. It is tough for me to not hang artwork on a wall, but this treatment did the job.

For the most part, I hate interior plants, and only ever use a few different types. This is "snake plant", one of the few that makes the cut. Restoration Hardware planters.

I hand selected about 30 pieces of artwork for the this Corporate Headquarters. It was tough to find pieces that were all unique, but consistent feeling throughout.

OK I can't claim any design on the signage, but I love this. I would have loved to design and build this myself...right up my alley.

I let a couple more plants slide in here, with some budget pricing leather chairs from West Elm.

Most of the artwork was fairly conservative, so on a focal point wall I added something a little more edgy to make the space more distinctive

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