Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bigger is better....sometimes

There is something about a large, oversized and overstated piece of artwork in a space that is so appealing to me. It could be that it gives the space a gallery feel, or that it just adds a personal and unique element. Most people might feel that they are displaying a large piece of art, but in most cases they are not. By big I mean at least five feet in one dimension.

A simple room by Victoria Hagan. The photo print makes the space.

A simple, under-decorated room becomes a designer space just because of the large painting. A very traditional room, is now updated and a little fresher with the contemporary piece.

Dont have, or can't afford a 72x72" painting? A series of prints, etchings or photos can give the same effect. Overstated is definitely what it takes to get the right look.

I love this. The collection of art is the first thing that you notice in this room.
To be honest, the subject matter or the piece itself is not too important. It's all about displaying it in confidence, and keeping it's surroundings simplified. It can be a series of prints depicting birds, trees, chairs, or a large painting of a single textured color.

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