Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New project: Diamond in the rough

This past month I have started on a few new projects throughout Orange County. A good chunk of my projects will fall into a specific exterior style. If you are not familiar with South Orange County, where most of my work is, then I should let you know that it is textbook surburbia. Depending on the neighborhood, the term "cookie cutter"might be an understatement. Terra cotta roofs, stucco, and street view garages are the nature of the beast.

Typical south O.C specimen

Don't get me wrong there are some amazing homes in Orange County, but these great homes will typically share a common feel to others. Here is a truly unique home I have just started working on with a couple in the north hills of Orange County.

I love this entry. Makes me feel like I am back home in Monterey, and up in the Big Sur area.

A very Pacific Northwest feel

It needs an all around updating and is a little rough around the edges, but has great potential to be a one of a kind home.

Extremely large and open Living room.

Antique imported European fireplace came with the home.

Great mid century style fireplace

What looks like a dated bathroom, with a simple update will be a design savvy setup. The neglected limestone will probably stay, and will look great when cleaned up.

A little splash of retro with the white lacquer framed and mirrored built-ins.
I am excited to get started and see where things go. Stay tuned for the finished project next year.


  1. I would move into this house as is. I think it is amazing. What great bones.

  2. This project is gonna rock! I love all the character it has, its a one of a kind for sure! Have fun with this one!

  3. Wow! I can't wait to see the finished product!