Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mixing it up: It's not always about fine twined linens and such

A lot of designers don't like to get their hands dirty, or they may feel they are above the grunt work. I kind of like it. I grew up doing grunt work and building things. It's those little creative side projects keep my creative juices flowing. Just for fun here are a few photos of a little summer lemonade stand I designed, built, and painted for my daughter and some friends. We put it across the street from our house (which is conveniently at the neighborhood pool) and she of course earned a return on the investment :)

A removable chalkboard sign (easy to raise their prices as the day gets hotter)

Who can resist the blue and yellow sign!

A natural wood, not painted, but "whitewashed" for that authentic look. (If you are not sure what that is, read Huckleberry Finn)


  1. Most chic lemonade stand ever!

  2. I second that. So how are you going to make next summer's bigger and better? Or...don't mess with perfection. ;-)

  3. Love it! Looks like it was a hit!