Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Quality art at everyday price

So I am sort of an art snob when it comes to placing artwork in a project. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, but I always try to avoid reproduction prints, framed posters etc. whenever I can. Not everybody can afford original artwork, and not every project needs all artwork to be original. There are some alternative solutions. One thing that I have used with success on occasion, is smaller antique prints.

You can find these prints (usually taken from antique books and publications) everywhere online. There are dealers with thousands to choose from in all different categories, from architectural, figurative, botanical, animal, automotive, medical and more. You can also find some pick and choose prints on Ebay and Etsy.

You can find a print around 7"x9" for under a hundred dollars. To beef up the size, I use a large white matte surround on the framing. The piece itself does not need to be large for the impact.

Here are a few that I have been sourcing on a couple projects.

I love this blue Octopus print. It comes in a larger size at aprox. 30"
This egg and nest print is one in a series of three I am doing. A simple and unique look.

I love the subtle tones on this asian print

This little whale print is historic and funky in a modern way as well.
If you have some wall space to fill, find a print or two with a subject matter that interests you. Don't just get an old print of the Eiffel Tower if you have never been there, or if you dont know the history of it. If your father was a pilot however, find out what the first plane he flew was, and find a print of that. Take it to a good framer, invest in the framing job, and you now have a piece of art with historic merit and a personal story. It will stay in the family and be well worth the small investment.

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