Tuesday, December 17, 2013

To Bali and back

Earlier this month I took an amazing trip with my wife and another couple to Indonesia. We spent a day in Singapore, and continued on to the island of Bali.  Everything about this island amazed me. The people, the landscape, the history, the crazy driving down to every little detail. I soaked it all in. After weeding 700 photos down to my top 100 picks, here are fifteen or so that give you a glimpse at the next place you should visit. 

My favorite lighting experience is having the sun behind you, with dark clouds in the foreground. I notice this a few times a year at home, but this setting took the cake. The bottom of the photo looks like a calm sunny day, and the upper half looks like impending doom is near. 

Watch your sunglasses or purse...we saw a few get nabbed from this duo.  You will get you glasses back...after they are snapped in half in the tree top. 

Tanah Lot temple at low tide. The only time you can get to it.

Hotel with great views of a working rice field.

Outdoor showers. One thing we need more of here in the U.S

Monkeys mix well with old architecture

These Hindu daily offerings are seen everywhere. I love this color palette. Light and dark greens, light and bright fuschia with a splash of tangerine. 

An amazing little hotel with a balcony to die for. 

Breakfast at the pagoda. Fresh fruit, rice and a tamarind mint beverage. 

Primitive figures. I was able haggle the price down on a few of these unique finds. 

I have been to some amazing places; sailing the Dalmation islands off the coast of Croatia, exploring Cambodia and Thailand, the Amazon jungle and more, but there is something magic about Bali.


  1. Bali in Indonesia is one of the amazing places I've ever visited. I travel every month to discover new things and Bali is the coolest in terms of traditions.

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