Monday, October 15, 2012

Off the beaten path

     Maybe it is the artist in me, or a bit of my father, but I love anything out of the ordinary. Anything that makes is a unique experience is right up my alley. I deal daily with new products, style, fashion and upgrades. For me it's refreshing to go somewhere outside of the box...where anything goes, design rules do not exist, and there is not a new piece of furniture to be had.

     Welcome to a little town of 30 or so outside of Death Valley. It is a literal ghost town, with a few livable "homes" and a few residents trying to preserve it's character. There are some unique places and some unique individuals here. With some walking shoes and a camera, it is a great place to explore...and even pick up some design tips. After a few visits, I have been able to meet some good people and see into their homes and how they live. Here is a quick tour.

 This is the underground home of a man I have gotten to know. He himself built everything out of found objects. Not much was purchased for this house. The beams are from the old Santa Monica Pier, and from old mining structures in the area. With all but the front windows underground, it stays relatively cool in the 120 degree summers.
 The geodesic dome, a mid century icon. Here, it is just a place to sit and store things. There is probably a following of hipsters that would love to get their hands on this for top dollar.
 Inside the home of an artist and former miner. No staging here, but a view that looks like it is out of a magazine (in my opinion) This home is also hand built by the owner from found objects. I love the old dusty books. The rest of the home is just as unique, but out of respect for the owner I will not post photos.
Nothing overly unique about this home. I just love the juxtaposition of the house with the Joshua Tree. The color would not be my choice, but at the same time is so fitting.
This bright yellow makes an amazing statement amongst all the dry neutral colors around it. Great design inspiration.

Here is a place that looks like a Disneyland themed backdrop.

So in the most inhospitable, rundown location around there is always some type of beauty to find. 

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