Sunday, October 2, 2011

What I do...presentation boards

So a large majority of design blog posts feature "top pick" products, and "other people's photos that I like" posts. While these are great, and I will do some, I am trying to put out some unique posts and information. Here is a little glimpse into some more personal aspects in the life of a designer.

The presentation board is a standard way us designers show our vision for a space. There is a tremendous amount of work, thought, sourcing, and creativity that goes into a complete conceptual plan for a space. Here are some samples of specific project boards I have come up with lately.

A punchy and bright palette. Something I don't get to do all that often.

Here is a sophisticated, modern style with toned down organic finishes.

Ahhh...I am excited to post some pictures of this almost complete full restaurant design in Huntington Beach. Here I kept it clean, but mixed it up with a variety of materials and textures. I love all of this!

A strictly traditional, and classic to the T room.

A corporate interior in Southern California. The owner wanted a modern dynamic space, with an organic, and "zen" feel.

If you had to choose one of these to be your room...what is your pick?


  1. Punchy and bright! I love color. Love them all though.

  2. "Bright and punchy", I always say... But if I could really have ANY room, it would be from the family room you did on Showdown... LOOOOOVED it!

  3. Are you using bulletin boards as your presentation board? great idea!