Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Reclaimed: BUYER BEWARE!

Restoration Hardware- They have done a great job popularizing the reclaimed/antique look, and bringing it to light. We have all seen a photo or ad in this style by now-
Sure the room has a hip vintage modern look. The same look that every other concept photo they publish has. This is where the problem starts. Companies like Pottery Barn, West Elm, and especially Z Gallerie mass market and shove a specific look down your throat. They find a emerging design trend that has not gone mainstream yet, and overdo it. Once they grab hold of it and create a buzz, that style is already nearing the end of it's short lived era. (We have seen this with Shabby Chic, Hollywood Regency, Tuscan, etc.)
As a designer I always avoid "trends" and "themes", which is unfortunately what this vintage reclaimed look is. A piece or two is great and can work well. Please just don't buy into this whole pre-packaged look, or in two years you will need to jump on the next/newest look bandwagon, and start the viscous cycle again.

The above room: I love the barstools (and have used them on more than one project). Instead of paring the vintage barstools with the vintage table, mix it up...use something more modern, more traditional. The pendant lights (which I have used before and love them), isn't it a bit expected in that setting? Well now I am summary; just don't overdo it, and avoid the themes.

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  1. Who has the money to commit to one look anyway. I can't imagine buying for an entire house before a fad has a chance to fade.