Saturday, January 29, 2011

Design Find- Noir Furniture

One of the great things about living in Orange County is having L.A an hour away. Close enough to get to on a regular basis, but not having to deal with the traffic and parking as if it's your full time job. Noir furniture ( is one of the hidden gems L.A has to offer. I recently went up to their warehouse to inspect some furniture for a client. They have a unique product, that is constantly changing and being added to. The be honest, it is not high end but for the price it is an excellent find. I have no reservations with their line (except for the upholstery...not the greatest).

Here are a few of their pieces that I have used, or have my eye on:

Showroom in Gardena

I love the shape of this funky, large coffee table. It is a black finish, with a white"hand rubbed" texture that fills in the grain.

An alternative idea for a nook table. The steel top is indestructible, and great for families. The top can even spin, and has an adjustable height.

Geometric dresser (could use an upgrade on the knobs)

Antique silver mirror floor screen

Reclaimed Oak mirror

Iron frame bench

Having a hard time finding a large coffee table? 76"x44" gray wash wood top with cast iron legs.

Noir sells to the trade only, so contact me if you would like pricing on any of their items. They can be picked up in Gardena, CA., or shipped out of state as well.


  1. Nate, can you please give me the price on the geometric dresser. I need one for the baby's room.

  2. Tottally want that spinning table for my kid's playrom - indestrucble steel. That's good.

  3. Can you please let me know how much the 76"x44" gray wash wood top with cast iron legs costs? Shipping to Florida?
    Thanks. Jenny