Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's all in the bones

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...nothing makes a room like the architectural "bones". Not so much the spacial architecture itself, but the three "key ingredients": Flooring, trimwork, and walls. Even the most simple, under-furnished room will look great if these three items are done right. If you follow and love Barbara Barry's work, you will see that this is a principal she works by. If you have ever walked into a vacant or empty home, but felt like you walked into a magazine photoshoot, here is why:

Nothing will finish off a room, and increase the feeling of "space" like dark...dark floors, and light walls. I love the contrast. Just that in and of itself is an interior power statement. People will respond to it, and remember it. The chunky window casing adds to the effect.

You could clear everything out of this room, and the shell itself is perfect. It has everything. A sharp looking and unique wood floor, the gray horizontal board walls, with the white woodwork ceiling. If this were a vacant house on the market, consider it sold. Flooring, trimwork and walls. Nothing over the top, or overly expensive. Just good design and good planning.

Again, a unique wood floor makes the space. Coupled with the crown detail, and window casing. A very finished looking room, even though there is not much else to it. The white walls just add to it. Paint the walls beige, and you just killed the space.
The moral to the story: So many people try to up their project a notch with wall decor, paint colors and such, when if you invest in the proper "bones" of your home, the rest will fall into place.

Contrast the above with this. Here is a room that actually has some potential. Right now it is just a room with a beam in it. Add furniture, and whatever else you can find, but this room will always be lacking. You can't put lipstick on a pig. Where is the character? Trim out the door, add some more detail to the ceiling, and treat the fireplace wall...then you have something.


  1. Good call señor Fischer! A pig with lipstick is ridiculous!! Still a pig!

  2. I like your comment about dark floors ... I have dark reddish wood floors and I love them. So many houses have the same plain 'clear' wood flooring and while they are beautiful, I prefer floors with character!
    Very helpful info on the bones of a room ... I am quite ignorant when it comes to decorating and your post has helped me greatly... thank you!