Thursday, September 30, 2010

Making an entrance.

It seems that a fitting post for my first entry would be my thoughts on entry doors. I notice doors. If I have been to your home, odds are that I could pick your front door out of a lineup. First impressions are everything, and that includes your entry door. Make sure it’s character fits the sense of your home. If you scheduled a carpet cleaner to come by, and he shows up with a double breasted suit, briefcase, and a bad combover, that would be a bit off-putting. Likewise, if you approached a mid-century Palm Springs rambler, to face a Home Depot paneled fiberglass door, that first impression looses it’s impact. Take that Palm Springs home, and add a simple no-detail door with high gloss paint, and an over the top knocker, and you have something. You have an intriguing presense before stepping in.

A tough decision. I have had to decide between my 3 favorite painted door options before, and it is never easy. Classic black, red, or blue. All great (the best) choices in my opinion. If you have a basic run of the mill door, or one with a dated stain, going this route will help.


I saw an octagon doorknob on a door in Laguna Beach, and have since always loved the shape. It was the one thing that left the biggest impression on me about the house. Who wouldn’t want to open this door. This simple knob set ranges from $50-$150 from Baldwin Hardware. Estate Knob Set

A similar style from Rocky Mountain Hardware.

A simple or funky knocker will take it up a major notch.You can find a cool, one of a kind door knocker easily online or on Ebay. Start looking.

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